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Therapy plays a vital role in a support system by providing professional guidance, emotional support, and tools for personal growth and healing. 

Join us every Tuesday evening at 8 pm EST for our groundbreaking virtual group therapy program led by Dr. Ish Major for an engaging virtual group therapy experience where you’ll discover new dimensions of self-discovery, personal growth and enhanced relationships. Dr. Ish Major, known for his appearances on popular TV shows such as “The Doctors” and “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” brings his wealth of knowledge and expertise to help guide this transformative process.

Participate in Weekly Group Therapy - Instructions:

Join our weekly Zoom Meeting

Absorb and/or Participate

  1. Enter Your Private Message for Dr. Ish: 
    1. During weekly group therapy sessions, if you prefer sending Dr. Ish a direct message, simply select the private message option and enter your text directly. Dr. Ish will respond but won’t name anyone directly.
  2. Post for Everyone’s View: 
    1. If you are comfortable sharing your thoughts or queries with the entire group, posting your message for all participants to see can facilitate group dialogue as well as provide the chance for support and feedback from other members. Simply type your thoughts in the chat area of the group chat room before clicking “Send”. 
  3. Submit Your Issue in Advance for Anonymous Addressing: 
    1. If you prefer anonymity during sessions, email Dr. Ish at prior to any concern or inquiry that needs addressing anonymously during weekly sessions – Dr. Ish will address your inquiry anonymously while still offering the support and guidance you require. 

Be mindful that confidentiality and respect are fundamental in group therapy sessions. Please take special care not to violate anyone’s privacy or well-being while attending sessions. For any queries or assistance on your participation feel free to reach out directly to Dr. Ish or The Odd Pro support staff for assistance. 

Past Therapy Sessions